La Lila (Bar/Restaurant)

Project: La Lila (Bar/Restaurant)
Architectural design: Antistixis Architects
Construction: Antistixis Architects
Location: Riga Fereou street 155, Patras, Greece
Year: 2022

La Lila Bar/Restaurants, Patras, Greece

Our architectural office is proud to present the latest addition to the culinary scene in Patras, Greece – a stunning new bar/restaurant that we designed and constructed with care and precision.

The project presented a unique challenge, as the business already existed on a corner property and the owner sought to expand to a nearby space while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. Our task was to create a new space that would complement the existing design while infusing it with our own vision and creativity.

The interior design features a warm color palette of earthy tones and natural materials such as wood and metal, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The lighting design adds a touch of drama and sophistication, with subtle spotlights highlighting the intricate details of the architecture. In terms of lighting, we employed a combination of central, focal, and decorative fixtures to create the desired ambiance. A black metal panel was used on the central column to add a focal point, while round brushed metal wheels hanging from the ceiling were adorned with green flowers and industrial lamps.

The layout of the space is carefully planned to accommodate both large groups and intimate gatherings. The bar area is situated at the heart of the space, serving as a focal point and a hub for socializing. The dining area is divided into smaller sections, each with its own unique character and ambiance.
We incorporated pistachio tones and Italian handmade flower tiles into the design, which were installed at the bottom of the bar and paired with emerald marble from Tinos.
The flooring was carefully selected to enhance the overall look of the space, with wooden appearance tiles arranged in a patterned manner. The unique wooden panels we designed and installed behind the continuous sofa, made by wood added warmth and balance to the space.
The most significant architectural feature of the new bar/restaurant is undoubtedly the design of the green metal entrance doors, which are composed of both glass and metal and stand at an impressive height of 4.5 meters. The challenge in designing these doors was to create a unique opening mechanism that allowed them to fold seamlessly into each other, which we achieved through careful planning and engineering.
The blend of terracotta hue into the ceiling design serves as a crucial element in the overall color scheme of the new bar/restaurant.