Simple Chic apartment Renovation

Architectural Design, Renovation and Furnishing of an 80 sq m apartment at Patras

Architectural Design: Antistixis Architects
Construction: Antistixis Architects
Year: 2021
Area: 80 sq m

The apartment is located in an apartment building from the 80s. With the removal of the dividing wall, between the kitchen and the living room, which in the previous condition remained cut off from each other, they are given different meanings and acquire their own multiple importance in the life and use of the residence. New spatial and functional associations are created with the living area and the kitchen design responds to modern trends. The design approach followed is characterized by simple lines and clean geometries. The design philosophy was based on achieving the satisfaction of the modern needs and desires of the owner. The bright colors in the furniture and the use of the wallpaper in the living room and the bedroom are a focal point and the focus of the user’s interest.