Summer Airbnb House

Architectural Design: Antistixis Architects
Location: Patras, Greece
Year: 2023
Under Construction

Our office was tasked with designing an Airbnb two-storey house in Patras, intended for use as a summer vacation house. The building is located just 10 minutes’ drive from the sea. However, we faced two significant challenges while designing the house – the darkness of the ground floor and the central placement of the columns in the main plan.

To address the problem of insufficient natural light, we came up with the idea of enlarging the door openings, which helped to brighten up the space. We also used the columns as a starting and ending point for the kitchen island, which allowed us to incorporate them into the overall design of the house.

The kitchen was designed with three horizontal lines to take advantage of the floor’s shape, and we used wood for the furniture in a mint colour and white marble for all the countertops. We also used a terrazzo tile in beige-grey hues for the flooring, which we extended to the walls and columns in a beige colour, creating a cohesive and calming design.

To imbue the space with a modern yet serene feel, we incorporated Japandi elements and custom-made wooden furniture from our office. We also used black spotlight bars to add a touch of intensity to the overall design.

On the first floor, we used wooden flooring as a repetitive element throughout the house, tying the design together. In the master bedroom, we created a bathroom using terrazzo tiles, but in a different hue than the one used on the ground floor. The bathroom was designed in grey and white colours and had a white subway tile, creating a modern and eye-relaxing space.

To create unity throughout the house, we used different hues of green in the three bedrooms, complementing the overall design scheme. The end result is an elegantly designed and relaxing vacation home that’s perfect for spending long summer days with family and friends.