Two modern flats

Architectural Design: Antistixis Architects
Construction: Antistixis Architects
Location: Patras, Greece
Year: 2022

The 90 square meter apartment in Patras, Greece, has been transformed into two modern and stylish flats with open plan kitchen and living room. The design approach focuses on clean geometries and simple lines, creating a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere.

The first apartment features bold colors such as blue and terracotta hues, adding an energetic and vibrant touch. In contrast, the second apartment has mustard and gray hues that create a calming and relaxing ambiance. The main living spaces of both apartments are bright and airy, with plenty of natural light flowing in from the balcony door in the kitchen.

The design team utilized gray fabric and wood to bring softness and warmth to the apartments, creating a welcoming environment for the young couples that will inhabit them. A bespoke wooden movable island was also added to the kitchen, providing a flexible working surface that can be easily moved around the space.

The initial layout of the apartment was entirely reorganized to meet the aesthetic criteria of the young couples. The original floor plan included an entrance hall, a closed off kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, and a bath. The new layouts include an open space kitchen-living room, one bedroom, and a bigger bathroom, providing a more functional and practical space for the couples.

The use of bold colors and contemporary furniture gives the apartments an eclectic and joyful character, adding personality and style to the space. The overall design is a beautiful example of how a small apartment can be transformed into two stylish and modern living spaces, meeting the needs and aesthetic preferences of its inhabitants.